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April 18, 2012

Snow Machine for Low Lives 4

For more information and to see all performances go to Snow Machine was a 5-minute performance that incorporated live action performance with video projection and was broadcast from my studio The Refinery in New Jersey.

      Snow Machine takes place in a man made artificial wintertime environment of a depressed industrialized neighborhood. Projected video footage of factories from the New Jersey Turnpike serves as a backdrop for the two main characters, an obese woman and a night janitor. Their portentous existence is the result of the breakdown between a busted economy, corrupt government, and the lack of green sustainable spaces.
      Snow Machine begins with the janitor attempting to restore balance to an environment gone out of whack by concocting a bicycle propelled snow machine that dispenses a flurry of 100’s of gallons of shredded paper collected from the offices of his job. This ritualistic act, he believes is done to restore beauty and diversity back to nature and replenish the origins of the paper. When a curious obese woman wanders into his idyllic setting, both escape reality and enter a world of urban fantasy and self-discovery.  Together the two characters transform themselves and discover their own inner strength and self will in untapped energy simply by moving. When both characters find healthier versions of themselves void of dependencies they are left open to find love and one another. 
      Snow Machine metaphorically touches on and supports the use of clean sustainable energy versus nonefficency and dependence on fossil fuels. The concepts portrayed reflects the unhealthy role especially in poorer communities that corporations and fast food has on the environment and our health. The power of advertisements, branding and the non-labeling of genetically modified food has lead society astray to become a blind consuming destructive force. Snow Machine is about enrichment, balance, discovery, giving back, and feeling the power of you.

Production photos and screen shots