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October 3, 2012

"Celebrity World" performance at Art in Odd Places: Model 2012

Celebrity World by: Tara Raye Russo 
Art in Odd Places 2012: MODEL Fashion. Prototype. Plan. System.
Guest Lead Curated by Edwin Ramoran. Joined by Guest Curators: Raquel de Anda, Christine Licata, Salley May, Shaun Wright; & Curatorial Assistant John Wenrich.
Festival Producer, Sarah Brozna
Founder/Director, Ed Woodham
October 6, 2012
West 14th Street New York City

Celebrity: Tara Raye Russo
Bodyguards: Stephen Hutchins and Fausto Sevila
Paparazzi: Elisa Garcia de la Huerta and Anna Carina Sinocchi
Stylist: Crystal Butler

Additional photographs and video by permission:
Elisa Garcia de la Huerta
Stephen Hutchins
Anna Carina Sinocchi

Tara Raye Russo: performance artist, costume designer, video, editor

Celebrity World is a portentous spectacle adrift like a self-contained planet, hovering in a suspended reality of privilege, exclusivity and otherness. Bodyguards circulate around “Celebrity,” played by the artist in a face shield mask of Angelina Jolie donned in a modified version of Valentino. Paparazzi circulate the peripheral fervently, fueling the public’s awareness of the sight. A post production video will accompany the performance with head cam footage worn by “Celebrity,” bodyguards and paparazzi.

May 4, 2012

PROTEST 2 at Wall Street to Main Street canceled

Project update: canceled

Stand Up and Take Action!

Join me on May 12th to rouse the spirit of Protest, 2nd in the series of a living breathing petition. Protest is a traveling experimental performance/video work, a forward thinking process piece that records and layers footage from each protest as it collects supporters from location to location. Protest is designed to raise awareness on subjects like Farmers vs. Monsanto and allows people to come together and express the dissatisfaction with our current political, social and economic systems. The concept is to virtually bring people together from locations across the country to collect and contain their stance as a unified whole. Protest No.1 was held and recorded live from my studio in Newark, New Jersey for Low Lives: Occupy! a global online streaming performance art festival by founder/curator Jorge Rojas. If you or a venue you know would like to bring Protest to your space in its ongoing incarnation contact Tara at

To participate in:
Protest: Stand in Solidarity Farmers Vs. Monsanto No. 2
Show up! at 420 Main Street Catskill, NY on May 26th at 3:00 sharp to 4:00.

Link to Protest: Stand in Solidarity Farmers Vs. Monsanto No. 1 
Newark, New Jersey debut for Low Lives: Occupy!

The Facts: 
President Obama has yet to fulfill his 2008 campaign promise to label GMO's. Why? because corporate agriculture is deep in the pockets of the political system. 
Napal has run Monsanto out of their country. Why do Americans Support and permit Monsanto here. Why aren't Americans protesting?
The USA is one of the last countries in the world to not label GM foods.
Haiti after the 2010 earthquake refused 400 tons of Monsanto seed.
Monsanto is responsible for bankrupting farmers in court by bullying and enforcing their patented seeds. 
Terminator seeds cease to germinate after one season forcing farmers to rebuy seeds.
Because of Monsanto there has been a surge in farmer suicides around the world.
Pesticides and Herbicides are linked to diseases like cancer and birth defects and are damaging to our water supply and marine life.

Still not convinced you should protest?

Enjoy all Wall Street to Main Street has to offer, open studios, gallery exhibits and artist occupied storefronts!

April 18, 2012

Snow Machine for Low Lives 4

For more information and to see all performances go to Snow Machine was a 5-minute performance that incorporated live action performance with video projection and was broadcast from my studio The Refinery in New Jersey.

      Snow Machine takes place in a man made artificial wintertime environment of a depressed industrialized neighborhood. Projected video footage of factories from the New Jersey Turnpike serves as a backdrop for the two main characters, an obese woman and a night janitor. Their portentous existence is the result of the breakdown between a busted economy, corrupt government, and the lack of green sustainable spaces.
      Snow Machine begins with the janitor attempting to restore balance to an environment gone out of whack by concocting a bicycle propelled snow machine that dispenses a flurry of 100’s of gallons of shredded paper collected from the offices of his job. This ritualistic act, he believes is done to restore beauty and diversity back to nature and replenish the origins of the paper. When a curious obese woman wanders into his idyllic setting, both escape reality and enter a world of urban fantasy and self-discovery.  Together the two characters transform themselves and discover their own inner strength and self will in untapped energy simply by moving. When both characters find healthier versions of themselves void of dependencies they are left open to find love and one another. 
      Snow Machine metaphorically touches on and supports the use of clean sustainable energy versus nonefficency and dependence on fossil fuels. The concepts portrayed reflects the unhealthy role especially in poorer communities that corporations and fast food has on the environment and our health. The power of advertisements, branding and the non-labeling of genetically modified food has lead society astray to become a blind consuming destructive force. Snow Machine is about enrichment, balance, discovery, giving back, and feeling the power of you.

Production photos and screen shots






February 17, 2012

Live Performance, Protest: Stand in Solidarity No.1 (Farmers vs. Monsanto) for Low Lives:Occupy!


PROTEST: Stand Up in Solidarity (Farmers vs. Monsanto) No. 1 performance by Tara Raye Russo
 Low Lives: Occupy! March 3, 2012.

This protest is to show our support for farmers utilizing organic practices. Whether it is 2 people or 50 this performance is to make a stand and let the world know we are conscious citizens aware of where our food comes from and what it entails to get it from farm to plate. This protest is to help expose the monstrosities of corporate agriculture by demanding the labeling of GMO foods and to support sustainable practices and a local economy.
The concept and its future: PROTEST: Stand Up in Solidarity (Farmers vs. Monsanto) No. 1 is a contained protest, a march in place, a studio practice that allows participants to feel the energy and anger roused by protest. We stand for conscious action in our determination to fix what is wrong and make it right.
In addition to being broadcasted live for Low Lives: Occupy!
This material is copyrighted and may not be reproduced without prior consent from the artist.
About Low Lives: Low Lives: Occupy! will be in partnership with Occupy With Art and The Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics.
Low Lives: Occupy! Is an international platform designed to enable artists, audiences, and presenters in alliance with the Occupy movement to support the occupation, will transmit live performances, actions, and happenings online as they occur in real time around the world. The Occupy protests, and the myriad of perspectives and experiences related to this unique moment, will be amplified, explored, and experimented with, through Low Lives’ internet-based creative platform. Low Lives: Occupy! recognizes the powerful opportunity that is the presentation of performances from around the world, and invites artists to open eyes and minds by presenting a radical re-imagining of possible ways of existing and relating.
Over the past 4 years Low Lives has developed a platform that invites and enables artists, audiences, and presenting venues to "plug in and participate" from anywhere an internet connection exists. This technological platform brings a history of supporting artists’ full creative freedom to imagine new worlds and is now offered to artists interested to present work in solidarity with #OWS. Online documentation of the live event will allow Low Lives: Occupy! to inspire online audiences far into the future. 

December 3, 2011

Colorwheels 2011

Colorwheels 2011 from Tara Raye Russo on Vimeo.

Colorwheels is an ongoing video project that began in 2004 that documents a locations color through locomotion. Below are stills from Colorwheels filmed from the New Jersey Turnpike in Newark, to the Pine Barrens. This video is the first in the series to incorporate text. Filmed on October 28, 2011 this Colorwheels captures a freakish snowstorm that blanketed the fall foliage we were setting out to see on our way to our cabin rental at Brendan T. Byrne State Forest. Accompanying this project but not published on this blog are a series of photographs titled Seasoned in Reverse. Video Duration 3min.

Film stills from Colorwheels